Sony A7 and A7R

Interchangeable mirrorless cameras has been short of this option – a full frame one.

Sony again leads in an innovative way – something I have been rather impressed with their NEX and RX range.

And the important thing here is it is an affordable option for people looking to make the jump to full frame cameras. Of course, the (not so affordable) lenses you simply craved for is another issue.

The A7(r) is based on a new FE mount. It is interesting to see how Sony goes on support the A mount.

Personally, I wouldn’t jump into the wagon yet, maybe I would wait till the 2nd or even 3rd gen FE mount camera. For all the good of innovation, there still has to be stability in the support of the mount for years to come in order for me to buy into a system. I also wonder why did they not have a ultrawide angle lens planned that would attract many landscape shooters with the 36MP A7R.

Besides, my D800 is weeks old… and I’m loving it now.



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