Kenko Pro ND 1000 Filter Tested

Finally found some time to test out the new 10-stop filter I gotten. I went down to the nearby park near 5pm, where the sun is still rather strong. It was difficult to focus when the ND filter is on; I mostly had to frame without the ND filter, set to manual focus then put on the ND filter after pre-focusing on the subject.

Using Aperture Priority mode with aperture set to f11 and ISO 100, below shows two shots (one with ND filter and one without).

The camera had used shutter speeds of 1/40 and 10 seconds respectively. You can see that the one with ND filter is underexposed by the camera, I would certainly suggest shooting in Raw when using such filters.

There is an obvious warmness added to the image when using the ND filter, with slight magenta (which I read it is common when using strong ND filters. I also notice a loss in contrast, but that could be easily retrieved when shooting in Raw.

On a one-off shot, there is a strong magenta cast on my image. Only upon searching for the issue online, I realised that most strong ND filters tends to have this characteristic due to Nd filters not able to block out IR.

Hope to shoot more with it before deciding if I require a fix with IRND filters that I have read about. Any other suggestions how to deal with magenta cast from ND filters?


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