Nikon’s Retro Look Camera – Df Announced

Nikon Df

Nikon has seduced photographers with a mysterious 6-part video campaign for nearly two weeks, and today the Nikon Df is finally announced with a retro looking 50mm 1.8G lens. I loved the looks of it, much better looking than the Sony A7 to me but it’s all subjective. 

If I could, I definitely would grab a silver one. Only the high price deters me. The very capable 16mp sensor comes from the D4 which I believe is more than enough for most situations ( I am currently using a  D800 and its massive file size feels too much at times). Interestingly, Nikon left out the video function on this camera, that explains the Pure Photography caption for its teaser videos I think. I love having most key functions as buttons or switches on the camera body itself, allowing speedy adjustments on the go. At the USD 2,746.95 price for the body, it is disappointing for me to see the camera having the 39-point auto-focusing system sharing what’s on the D600/610 instead of the 51-point one on the D800. Don’t get me wrong on being a snob, but I had owned the D600 (before switching for the D800 due to the stubborn dust/oil stain on sensor issue) at one point of time and it is very capable. However, there are just times when I wished it was spread wider across the frame.

Buying a 2nd camera that is as expensive as my D800 is not on my list of wants at the moment. It would be interesting to see if Nikon has more up its sleeve. Cheaper versions of this kind of camera I hope… mirrorless perhaps?
Nikon Df top

More official specifications and details about the camera can be found here.


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