When was the last time you printed your photos?

When was the last time you printed your photos?

When was the last time you printed your photos?

As the subject ask, “When is the last time you printed your photos?” 

I asked myself that question as I saw the prints and realised again the beauty of photos prints when I visited a local photo printing store about a week ago. I realised that it was only the third time I had used the membership card which I had signed up back in march this year. Since then, I had easily accumulated another few thousands of shutter counts between my cameras, yet I had not been printing as frequently as I should. However, compared to many friends who own capable cameras, I would already be topping the list for number of photos printed. 

Is it the effort to make a trip down to the store that deters me from printing more frequently?

Is it the cost?

I supposed it is a combination of the above two factors. Since the use of digital cameras and existence of digital galleries such as Flickr and Facebook, the value of photo printing has been compromised. Admittedly, I am guilty of that to a certain extent but I am trying to remind myself frequently about the joy of seeing that favourite picture on a print (whether it is on paper, canvas or even your own photobook). The ironic thing is, good cameras and photo printers or printing services are now ever more affordable and accessible to the mass consumers yet we are making use of it lesser than during the film era. Many people also love to remembrance as they go through (a.k.a. showing off) their photo albums of family, wedding and etc) when they have visitors over, so why are people not printing their photos now?

Personally, I just came across some affordable professional photo printers and am in the process of figuring out whether they would be cost and time effective enough for me to invest in one.

If you had even pondered the slightest over the above, why not try printing one of your favourite pic (be it one of your loved ones or a place that hold wonderful memories)?

Now, when are you printing that next photo?


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