Short of a Lover…

FA 31mm on K-5Having just sold away my Nikon 50mm f1.4G lens, I started thinking more – “Why did I not keep the lens?”

Is it the build?

Is it the color rendering?

Is it the bokeh?

I determined that it must be the fact that I once owned the Pentax FA 31mm f1.8 (equivalent of ~43mm on a full frame sensor). I held special feeling for that lens, I simply love the way it renders colors and bokeh on my shots. It simply feels better with its full metal build as well, it just feels right! If there’s something that might draw me back to the Pentax system (if they have a full frame camera in future) it might well be the FA 31. Otherwise, I am really loving how well Nikon handles AF tracking and flash photography with ease compared to Pentax cameras.

It may sound irrational to some, especially for people who believes that it is the photographer behind the gear who matters but  I love the special bonding with my gears when taking photos. Some lenses or even cameras just seem to communicate better with me. I think that’s the same reason why some hawkers insist to stick to the same old battered utensils. They just cook better with them.

Now, I am in search of that prime lens that makes me fall in love with it. Zoom lenses(to me) simply are good friends and a prime is what someone can fall in love with, and spend quality time with. 

With  the 70-200mm lens in mind already, I’m still short of a lover

Perhaps the Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art? it looks physically attractive enough. Who’s your lover?


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