Arrival of Christmas Gifts (Camera related)

The Christmas gifts for myself finally arrived after 3 weeks of waiting… 

Okay… ‘Christmas’ was just an excuse… but here is the arrival of the Black Rapid Yeti Strap, La Crosse BC-1000 and OP/TECH system connector uni adaptor loop!

Xmas gifts for myself



The Yeti straps came with two additional unattached  strap (one for the left underarm for more secured support, and the other for instances where you need to secure the strap from across the chest to the back of the main strap from the right).


The reason why I chose this strap is the ability to carry two cameras at a go. however, it is not the usual ones meant for carrying two large DSLR setups. As seen in the above image, it is meant for one DSLR(primary strap) and one smaller sized camera (secondary strap) setup on only the left shoulder. It also has the versatility of turning into a Blackrapid Sports strap by detaching the secondary strap.

ND8_4761I think this make a very good setup for me as I love having the combination of my GR and D800 (with a zoom lens) being easily accessible. I’m glad I found out about Yeti before I nearly committed myself to the Blackrapid Sports. Compare to my previous neoprene material camera sling strap, the Yeti feels like a grade or two above it for build quality and only time will tell if it carries my gear with more comfort too.




Finally gotten myself an advanced battery charger after much deliberation. The common consumer chargers seems to be spoiling my batteries fast, especially the GP branded ones. I have since swore by eneloops but this is an opportunity to try out a different brand after realising the BC-1000 shipped with 4 AA batteries and 4 AAA ones. I am looking to get more out of my batteries by being able to select the current they are charging at, and discharge them when necessary. There is also a Test mode, which go through a full charging, discharging then finally a charging cycle again to measure the battery capacity.

These stuffs I bought makes great addition to any photographer’s bag… at least that’s what I feel…

More great gears to come in 2014… Hopefully !!! 



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