Bandung Trip – an eye opener to the simple life

Been wanting to show off pictures from my trip to Bandung, Indonesia since end of Feb till now and finally found some time to do so.

I brought quite a bit of gear for this trip as I was planning to help shoot some pre-wedding pics for a relative. See the list below.

Crazily Heavy Stuffs – that led to a gear changing decision later on.

  1. D800
  2. Ricoh GR
  3. Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4
  4. Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art
  5. Nikon 70-200mm f2.8
  6. SB-910
  7. Tumax flash
  8. 3LT Brian tripod
  9. 5-1 reflector
  10. Umbrella and a lightstand

My visit began with a surprise by the awkward luggage conveyor belt which was the shortest I have ever seen, and the whole airport has only one of it! No photos of that though, I’m not sure how the officials would react had I sneak a shot.


Simple Life

It was a very different sight to the clean, green and highly organised (rigid in some ways)  Singapore I came from. Look at the below pic where kids were playing by the main road freely. There was one instance where there were kids having a soccer match right on the road, not a main road but it was still one that moderately busy. The best part is these kid doesn’t even bother to give way when they sense the vehicles approaching from far. A concern for their safety I felt but on the other hand, you could tell the genuine joy in their eyes amid this simple life. Kids back in Singapore are usually found being occupied by their iPads and iPhones, the Modern Playtime.


Juz Playing

Kids playing on a pile of sand by the busy main road.


Construction worker climbing high up with no safety harness in place. Safety?... What Safety?

Construction worker climbing high up with no safety harness in place. Safety?… What Safety?

Parking, Sir?

Parking, Sir?

All along the streets, you would find ‘parking attendants’ like the man in the above pic. They could be seen outside most empty spaces, and retail shops. However, most do not work for any shops. They simply wait to collect a small tip for helping you (or not!) manoeuvre around parking spaces. Shortage of jobs somewhere? Someone should hire these people for their creativity.


Traffic Jams! Massive ones…

When you are in Bandung’s city area, expect to be caught in traffic jams. Traffic is a nightmare, a place that’s within walking distance can take half hour to drive to. I see that this is partly due to poorly managed traffic rather than the number of vehicles on the road. There are times where a road gets blocked or rerouted for no obvious reason, and one road that you usually can turn into could be one that earns you a ‘fine’ on another day.

And Here We Jam Again

And Here We Jam Again


Street Food

Every 10 steps* you take in Bandung, you find a hawker. If you are game for street food, you are in treat! 

*Disclaimer: No reference to official data

Being someone with a weak stomach, I decided to take little risk this time.

Satay by the Street

Satay by the Street

Noodles by the Street

Hawker by the Street


Food on the way

Food on the way


One of the rare hawker food I had was the glutinous rice cakes seen below. I only tried this as we were located high up the mountain and there was little choices.

Had to fill the growling tummy…

Rice Cake Seller

Rice Cake Seller

No idea on the local name for this, but it tasted pretty good. The toppings we chosen were cheese. 

One of the tips I learnt was if you had to eat street food, go for the ones where they had to make it hot (again)!

Avoid the dipping sauces too as they might have been left around for a long time!

This reduces the risk for food poisoning.

Indonesia Rice Cakes

Indonesia Rice Cakes


Stay tuned for visit to the scenic sights and more food pictures!



5 responses to “Bandung Trip – an eye opener to the simple life

  1. “My visit began with a surprise by the awkward luggage conveyor belt which was the shortest I have ever seen, and the whole airport has only one of it! ”

    Hahaha… well, it’s a small airport, what would you expect? It much better now though… there used to be none! :D… Hope they are still growing.

    Anyhow, I feel blessed. Now I can fly direct to Bandung rather than go through Jakarta, and then to Bandung with bus/car/train.

    By the way, I don’t think “Noodles by the street” is correct. I may be wrong, but looks like “Es Cincau” to me.

    Hope you have fun in Bandung :-).

    • Oh yes, that’s right it’s a drink seller instead. I must have confused it with another pic in my my stash. Thanks for the correction!
      Had fun overall, bad experience at the airport though on my departure. Hopefully, it will improve the next time I visit again. 🙂

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