Bandung – Thoughts for the Tummy. (Warning: Hunger Inducing!)

Favourite Local Food

Ended my last post with street food, and here I continue with more food but this time round from cafes and restaurants.

Beginning with my best local meal below, it’s a rice dish with chicken. I forgot the exact name but I think it is Nasi Liwet Ayam Kampung Bakar.

In general, I did not enjoy the local Indonesian dishes compared to the ones I could get at Singapore. Seems like there is no minimum standard of culinary achieved before one starts a food business in Bandung, forgive my fussy tastebuds.

However, the one below is fantastic! The rice is fragrant, and the smokey aroma of the hot fire-grilled chicken floats in the air as the dish lands on the table.

Nasi... Ayam... I forgot the actual name. Think it is Nasi Liwet Ayam Kampung Bakar...

Nasi… Ayam… I forgot the actual name. Think it is Nasi Liwet Ayam Kampung Bakar…

Amazingly, this is found in a strawberry plantation. Bandung has plenty of strawberry farms, and they allow visitors to pluck them after paying a small fee.


Strawberry Plantation






Chinese Food

Next up is Jing Restaurant which serves Chinese cuisine. It is located at a more upscale location where there are many nicer residential buildings and dining places. There are also many Korean restaurants along our drive up to Jing Restaurant.

Jing Restaurant

Jing Restaurant


Chefs at work


Interior of Jing Restaurant


We came for dim sum in the morning and there were few guests. I was told that that most people had their dim sum breakfast earlier than the 9.30am which we were there.

ND8_5880ND8_5883 ND8_5899 ND8_5896 ND8_5892 ND8_5890 ND8_5884









Lovely Dim Sum, even better than many restaurants in Singapore.











Paris Van Java(PVJ) Mall

More Local Food


R0014203 R0014204 R0014205 R0014206 R0014207







This is my first local meal at PVJ (mall shown above). Full of fried stuff and carbohydrates… simply jelak.

Nothing fantastic, decent taste – 4 words sums it all.

I do not remember the name of the restaurant…










Another local food restaurant (Riung Sari), randomly picked during my visit to the outlet malls, simply wanted to try more local food places.

The Butter Prawns was totally not what I imagined, it was horrible. It came in a plate full of oil, when I had expected something creamy. 

Disappointing but forgiven for the price. we have much better satays in Singapore too.


R0014247 R0014248 R0014249 R0014251 R0014254














If you have paid some attention to the chicken dishes, you would have realised that the chicken here are all very small and skinny. It is very differently from the hormones-injected chicken we get in Singapore where they are huge and fat.  I believe this is due to the ones in bandung being kampung reared chickens where they are not caged. I loved the chicken meat better there compared to the ones in SG, just that I would need a double portion!






Hummingbird Cafe

Western Servings



TR0014094here are also many western influenced cafes and restaurants found in Bandung, and it seems to be easier to find a decent tasting western food compared to local food. Seen below is Hummingbird Cafe, where I had my first meal upon arrival.

Lovely place to hang out!


That’s not a straw! It’s a lemongrass


Look forward to places I visited next!



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